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Microsoft Email Accounts

We are currently experiencing issues with, & email accounts not receiving system emails.

If you have one of these types of accounts as your main contact email address please update with an alternative like Gmail or an email that is provided by your ISP.

21st Nov 2016

Policy Updates

We have recently updated our Policies  you can review them here

20th Nov 2016

The New ToolBox!

We have been listening to your feedback and have been working hard to streamline the client toolbox. below is a quick overview of the changes that have been made to the ToolBox! Additional Security  You now can add security questions to your account to help with an additional layer of security. Password change notifications have had a ... Read More

20th Nov 2016

PHP 5.6 is Now Here

Recently we upgrated from PHP version 5.3 which has unfortnatly now become End of life and no loger being supported with secruity updates.

We have decided to take the leep to the latest stable version of PHP 5.6.

If you are running any outdated scripts you will now see that these will nolonger work on our systm and will need to be updated.

23rd Jan 2016

Client Toolbox Upgrades

We have been working closely in the back groud to make your user experience more streamed lined with our new client toolbox.over the next couple of weeks you will see a vast change in the way your client toolbox will look!One of the newest upgrades so far the ability to create an email account direct from the toolbox without the need to loginto ... Read More

10th Jul 2015